There's more to digital inclusion than technology

Picture the scene. An elderly lady, Mrs Smith, has been given a new ipad. She has never used one before. She is being guided in how to use it by phone by a Community Navigator who works for an older people’s project... (show more)

Workforce development and digital in health and care Blog


Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of health and care services. Digital innovations, which would have taken years before the pandemic to be introduced, have been implemented and scaled up in a matter of weeks... (show more)

Expansion of digital services in mental health Blog

The last 18 months has been the most significant in terms of development and expansion of digital services in mental health and as a consequence of COVID-19 there is now a recognition of the significant role digital needs to play now and into the future.  While much has been achieved more still needs to be done to ensure that digital remains as a genuine option for all people in Scotland when looking to improve their mental wellbeing and to treat mental health conditions... (show more)

Scotland's refreshed Digital Health and Care strategy (October 2021)


The refreshed Digital Health and Care strategy is now available. 

The strategy sets out how digital services can help the pandemic response and the recovery and remobilisation of services.

Reflections on 2021

2021 has been an interesting year; it’s brought further COVID restrictions, increased pressures on an already pressured health and care system; but also new opportunities to deliver differently... (show more)

ADLIFE Project

The ADLIFE project is an EU-Funded research and innovation project funded by Horizon 2020. ADLIFE involves 11 partners from 7 European countries and is focused on digital integrated and personal care aimed at improving experiences for patients, carers and clinicians. You can view a recent article from the ADLIFE team about Digital Health and Care in Scotland and watch a short video about the project. To find out more about ADLIFE go to:



Hi Digital is a five-year national digital skill training programme for older people, funded by the Vodafone Ireland Foundation in partnership with:




Hi Digital, a new online learning platform for self-learning

The Hi Digital online learning platform has been developed to help bridge the digital divide in Ireland by offering free digital skills training for older people. Topics covered include:

  • Using smartphones
  • Connecting with others
  • Entertainment and shopping online
  • Hobbies and travel

The Hi Digital free learning resource makes it easy for people to start their digital skills journey today, with self-guided online courses in both English and Irish available now at

Additional support

From early 2022:

Active Retirement Ireland will run in-person group classes across the country with mentoring and training. ALONE will train individuals from community organisations that support older people  to become Digital Champions through both online and in-person workshops.

I am an older person, how do I access the training provided by Active Retirement Ireland?

You can register your interest for classes run by Active Retirement Ireland by emailing or calling 1800 20 30 30. For more information, visit

I am a community organisation that supports older people, how do I access the workshops provided by ALONE?

You can register your interest in attending a workshop with ALONE by emailing with information about your role title, your service and the number of people you can support.